"The practical limitations on our knowledge of the past are not inherent in the nature of the archaeological record; the limitations lie in our methodological naivet???, in our lack of development for principles determining the relevance of archaeological remains to propositions regarding processes and events of the past."

Lewis Binford 1968 New Perspectives in Archaeology p.23

"Most paleolithic archeologists ... tend to believe that the assemblages of humanly flaked stones ??? preserve a great deal of valuable information about the craft traditions, the cultural affinities, and the economic life of the hominids who made them. This belief is in part a matter of faith, and there is a danger that in our enthusiasm we may overextend the exegesis of stone artifacts."

Glynn Isaac 1977 Olorgesailie p.207

Paleoindian & Other Archaeological Stuff

Tony Baker   September 2, 2011 last update

I began creating this WEB site in 1996 to share my ideas and knowledge of the Paleoindians, the Archaic and archaeology of mostly the southwest. I have added a new document to the site every three to six months. Since that beginning, I have also been reading, attending conferences and meetings, communicating with colleagues, and visiting old and new archaeological sites around the world. Therefore, my own intellectual growth has not been stagnant and many of my ideas have evolved during this time. The evolution of ideas is apparent in documents at this site because all the previous documents have been retained. I considered removing the older ones that no longer reflect my current thinking to maintain an internally consistent WEB site. But I chose not to because the evolution is as informative as the theories. Changing one's beliefs (theories) when the data demands the change is healthy, normal and the way science works.

I occasionally receive comments from the readers. I treasure these and keep them in hard copy form in a notebook. If you want to join the honored few that are in my notebook, please email me at tabaker@ele.net with your comments and/or questions. For the reader who is interested I have a short autobiography at Tony's Autobiography

I want to thank Connie Adkins, Doug Land, Phil LeTourneau and Bob Patten for editorial help on my pages. It takes time and effort to clean up behind me and these individuals have done the lion's share of this work. At times I have chosen to ignore their recommendations, so all the mistakes and bad archaeology are mine.

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