Base map redrawn from Orquera 1987:Figure 1

Late Pleistocene and early Holocene hunter-gatherers of the Pampas and Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

Jason M. LaBelle
May 20, 2002

This paper is a summary of the late Pleistocene and early Holocene archaeological record in the Pampas and Patagonia of South America. Most of these sites are located in Argentina, although a few are in the far southern reaches of Chile. Each site is reviewed in terms of lithic and faunal assemblages, as well as available radiocarbon dates. Some sites contain more detailed descriptions than others, this is primarily related to the amount of literature available for each site. Following the site descriptions, I briefly discuss some of the regional patterns from the various datasets.

Please take into consideration that I do not work in this area, but I am simply interested in the sequence. Most of the references I consulted were published in English language journals, as I did not have access to many Spanish language South American journals when the paper was written. No doubt the record is even more robust than is presented here. That said, please use the paper as a springboard for further research into the Southern Cone sequence, and not as a definitive statement. Also, the paper was completed in the spring of 2000 and does not contain information published since then.

I believe the reader will find this paper of interest because it provides an introduction to the important research that our South American colleagues have undertaken. They deserve special thanks for making this data available to their neighbors to the far north. I would be interested in any comments you might have, please email me at with your thoughts.

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