North Slope Slide Show

Tony Baker -- April 16, 2006

I have spent the month of June the last six summers participating in BLM survey archaeology on the North Slope of Alaska. Specifically, I have worked in the southern end of the National Petroleum Reserve, which is the north side of the Brooks Range from the divide down to the base of the foot hills. This area is bounded between longitudes 155 to 162 and latitudes 68 to 69. During this time I have taken numerous photos, and this web page has the purpose of sharing many of these with the reader.

I have create two different methods for displaying the images. Both methods display the images in random order. However, one automatically changes the images approximately every five seconds if the reader has a high speed internet connection. The other is manual requiring the reader to click on a button to change the image. The manual method was added because some of the slower dial-up users had problems with the automatic one. Try them both and pick the one you like. Your "Back Button" will return you to this page.
Automatic Slide ShowManual Slide Show

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