Tony Baker and Andrew Pelcin

November 14, 1998
Modified September 30, 1999

I want to begin this section by offering the address to ALGOR's homepage.

This research could not have been performed without FEA software. When I first started to seek out this type of software, I knew nothing about it other than it existed. I had not used these types of tools in my profession and when I was in engineering college we used slide rules. So I was similar to a person in a foreign country trying to purchase a specialty item. I didn't know where to shop or what was a reasonable price.

Via the Internet, I located several manufactures of FEA software and soon learned their products were not cheap. These manufacturers were pricing their products as if I was a corporation. I wanted to buy a product that only I would use at home and I would not, could not, pay the prices they were asking. Then I found ALGOR. They listened to me when I said I wanted the product to do home research and they were interested in it. They offer to sell me the software I needed for the research at a price I could afford. Additionally, they provided me will all the upgrades and service as if I had paid list price. Therefore, I want to publicly say, "thanks ALGOR, this research would never have happened if you hadn't helped".

Details -- Early in the research I ran ALGOR on a 100 MHz PC with 16 meg of RAM. The execution of my FEA model (approximately 3600 elements and nodes) took between two (2) and three (3) minutes and I ultimately wore out the hard disk. I upgraded to a 233 MHz PC with 64 meg of RAM and the same model runs in about 20 seconds and the hard disk is only used to write files. I was extremely pleased to learn that ALGOR produced exactly the same answers, to the fourth decimal place, on both machines. Also, the upgrade I received during the research did not alter my answers. ALGOR is very stable software and never crashes during execution.

Finally, I have learned to use only a small portion of ALGOR's features. I feel like I purchased a 777 aircraft and I have only located the restroom and learned had to use it. There are many more features I have not needed or used to date.

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