Tony Baker's Clovis Origins - Response
by Dr. Bruce Bradley

Feel free to contact Tony or I at: or, respectively.

Tony and I agree on many things, but we also have differing opinions on some of the issues about the initial populating of the New World. We have had many discussions over the years and 'argued' issues out from many dierections. We both find these sessions intellectually stimulating. I agree with Tony that it is now difficult to separate out where ideas came from and who thinks what. It is also clear that we both are fluid in our opinions and change as new information come in. However, since Tony bit the bullet and committed his current thinking to a web page, it is only fair that I do the same.

Rather than this response being an entirely separate, unrelated tretise, Tony and I agreed to my input being designed as a response to his statements. It is therefore important that the reader of this page begin with Tony's and then come here through the links he provides. I will do this by actually making each of my responses a separate page so the the reader can go back and forth without having to scroll all the way through either page each time. This is an experiment and we would both appreciate any positive input that you have about this.

At this point in time we are not inviting anybody else to join in this experiment, but we are interested in your ideas, etc. Perhaps if this works out, we can consider a 'chat group' approach. But for the present, we will keep the dialog exclusive.

Please feel free to contact either of us through E-mail.

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