Tony Baker's Clovis Origins - Response
by Dr. Bruce Bradley

I believe Tony has over simplified the Old World Paleolithic record. There are a number of Middle and Upper Plaeolithic assemblages that contain both blade and flake technologies. There are clearly Mousterian BLADE technologies in the Near East, specifically the Levant (that used a facetted platform). There are also flake technologies in Eastern and Central Europe that co existed with BLADE making peoples. Specifically, the former is known as Streletskayan (see Streletskaya) and at the same time there is the Kostenki-Avdeevo Cuture that had a BLADE technology (see Kostenki).

I also think that it is valid to think of at least two FLAKE technologies, core flaking (like Mousterian and Levallois) and biface thinning (like Streletskaya). This of course complicates the issues, but I believe is more accurate than thinking that FLAKE and BLADE technologies are Middle and Upper Paleolithic repectively.

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