Tony Baker's Clovis Origins - Response
by Dr. Bruce Bradley

Once again I believe that this idea that Blade and FLAKE technologies cannot coexist in the same culture is incorrect. Some Solutrean assemblages are dominated by BLADES while others are dominated by bifacial technologies and tools. Perhaps these different assemblages represent different site functions, or perhaps there was not a single Solutreen entity. The Solutrean in northern Spain did not have large, high quality raw materials like they did in SW France. One might expect that this would lend itself to a small or micrblade technology (as seen in the Magdalinean of the same area), but the Solutrean people there were so 'into' bifacial technology that they adapted the raw material to their own purposes rather then the other way around.

Being a coastal and water-oriented people they are strong canidates for the progenetors of Clovis. Their serious bifacial tendancies may have acted like a founder's effect so that once in the New World, BLADE technology never really caught hold again.

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