Tony Baker's Clovis Origins - Response
by Dr. Bruce Bradley

I will conclude here by restating that my discussions with Tony have stimulated much thought on my part and it is through this intellectual process that I believe we all make progress.

I am still a strong proponent of Clovis out of Solutrean, across the Atlantic in boats, but I also acknowledge that there is much work that needs to be done to investigate this theory.

I also like to reserve the right to modify my opinions and ideas as I gain more experience and new data comes to light. The real baseline research on Solutrean technology has yet to be published, and there are constant breakthroughs with dating theory and method.

I do believe that the archaeological profession is coming out of a long compfortable sleep when it comes to the issues of the origins of humans in the New World. I see professionals who are willing to consider other possibilities than the 'known truth' of the Bering Land Bridge as the only way people could get here. It may well turn out that this will be the answer, but until we can face other possibilities, we will continue to be bogged down in our own dogma.

I like to think that I have no vested interest in where folks came from. Perhaps I share some genetic history with Thor Hyerdahl. After all my ancestors were Vikings, and they did make it to the New World in boats, across the North Atlantic!

Thanks Tony for this opportunity to respond to your/our ideas.

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