From time to time I have felt the urge to write short pieces (QuickHits) about my wondering in the archaeological discipline. This is the first. It may also be the last, or the first of many. Time will prove which is correct.

Bruce Bradley Has Gone Academic

(Febuary 20, 2005--QuickHit)
Tony Baker

While traveling in England during February 2005, Simone and I spent a day with Bruce and Cindy Bradley. The Bradleys live in Exeter and Bruce is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Exeter. He has been there almost two years and plans to remain there for the foreseeable future.

Exeter is unlike Cambridge where Bruce received his Ph.D. Exeter was founded in the 1950s and consists of brick buildings instead of stone ones. The archaeological department is growing and Bruce is an integral part of that growth. To the department he brings his love of experimental archaeology and computer skills. He showed me his lab, which is already full of student projects such as hide preparation, ceramic and bronze tool manufacture, and of course, flint knapping. In his short time in the region he has located and has access to several sources of lithic material. He was the first in the department to use real time web pages in the lecture hall.

The Bradley offspring have left the nest. So, Bruce and Cindy have chosen to live in a flat in downtown Exeter. Bruce walks 15 minutes to work, some of which is along a path that passes through fields belonging to the University. Cindy rides a bus to her job. Their flat is a 10-minute walk to the train station that connects them to London and the world. Bruce admits this is the first time he has lived in an urban environment and it is a different experience.

Bruce related an interesting antidote. At the recent Exeter graduation ceremony, the various professors donned the robes of their respective universities. And, of course, Bruce wore those of Cambridge. Bruce said that was the first time he had ever worn these robes or in fact any graduation robes from any of his schools including high school. He had never attended any of his graduations.

I have prepared this QuickHit, because Bruce and Cindy are dear friends. I first met Bruce in the 1980's when he agreed to be on my Thesis committee. Subsequently, we have remained very close over the years although occasionally/often disagreeing on various subjects. I watched Bruce's kids grow up and I have excavated with him in Southern Spain and Central France. You can find more information about Bruce at his WebPage. Or, you can contact him at

The arrow points to the Archaoelogy Building at the University of Exeter. This is also the location of Bruce's office.
This field belongs to the University and is Bruce's outdoor lab for his experimental archaeological classes. The archaeology building is on the horizon in the center of the image.

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