A Conference on Prehistoric Replicative Folsom Knapping

created 4/19/97

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The first annual Workshop for Folsom Point Replication was held in Austin, Texas during the third week in March 1997. This workshop was organized by Dr. John Clark and Dr. Mike Collins. It was sponsored by the Werner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory (TARL), UT Austin, and The College of Family Home and Social Science, BYU. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together individuals (archaeologists, collectors, and replicators) with knowledge of Folsom point manufacture and way-of-life in an attempt to better understand how the points were made and the people lived. The purpose of this web page is to report on this conference and its findings.

The first four days of the Workshop were divided into presentations of papers in the mornings, knapping demonstrations and experimentation in the afternoons, and viewing of collections in the evenings. On the fifth and last day, we took a field trip to the Wilson Leonard Site and two other localities.

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