A Conference on Prehistoric Replicative Folsom Knapping

created 4/15/99
by Tony Baker

The second Folsom Point replication workshop was held in Austin, Texas during the first week of March 1999. Again the workshop was organized by Dr. John Clark and Dr. Michael Collins and sponsored by Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory (TARL), UT Austin, and The College of Family Home and Social Science, BYU. Its purpose was to share the research and advancements achieved by the participants since the First Workshop in 1997.

Within the first hour of the workshop it became apparent that this gathering was to be as productive as the original workshop. Most of the participants had attended the first workshop and the previously established friendships and jovial atmosphere gave the feeling that it had only been two weeks since we had first met, instead of two years. The format was identical to the first workshop with papers in the mornings, knapping demonstrations in the afternoon and the viewing of collections in the evening. On the last day we again took a field trip.

I opened with the above picture of John Clark (left) and Mike Collins (right) as my way of saying thanks to the two of them for their efforts in making the workshops happen. I can say without hesitation that these workshops (1997 & 1999) are the best events of this type that I have attended. I also want to thank Dick Boisvert for again providing most of the images for this WEB page.

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